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22.10.2006 - axWebEd 2.1.1

A new version of axWebEd is now available that fix a problem with Windows update KB891781. There are no other visual or functional enhancements.

01.12.2004 - New Services

Since some time we provide different services like shared and dedicated web hosting. However, it is targeted mostly to our german customers. Visit for more information.

02.11.2002 - Tip of the day...

shareware.deOn November 2 axWebEd was "Tip of the day" at, one of the most popular german websites!

03.06.2002 - axWebEd 2.1 and phpWebEd 2.1

New versions of both programs are ready! We have included some features that were requested by our users. Among other things now there is a Logout and an Undo function.

21.02.2002 - Freeware for Windows

A new section, Free Tools, is online. Some times ago developed "just for fun" and personal use, you can now download two of our free programs for Windows: IMAP Checker und NTPsync.

05.02.2002 - Our forum is online

You can now share your comments and problems with other users in our forum.

29.12.2001 - Website relaunch

Today we have finished the revision of our website. All pages are now also available in english. However, some pages are still under construction - our discussion board and the FAQ needs to be finished. But in the future we have more software, more information and more updates.

29.12.2001 - axWebEd - the WYSIWYG editor for phpWebEd

axWebEd, an add-on to phpWebEd, is now available. Creating and updating your website becomes now as simple as writing a letter! axWebEd is Shareware. You can try it 30 days for free.

29.12.2001 - phpWebEd 2.0 ready to download

Main changes in this version are a simplified use and installation. Of course phpWebEd is still free software, but it is now released under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License.

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